Customer Centric

The greatest efficiency gains lie in improving the way people work together. To harness this potential, we have redirected the way our company thinks. By being customer centric and finding out what our customers need, and then examining and even changing the way we work in order to achieve this is of utmost importance to us. Over the years, this shift in mind-set has enabled us to develop important new skills, along with improved motivation of our people and greater individual responsibility. This has dramatically improved our own efficiency, which means we can bring more efficient new technology on stream more quickly.


Powertech Transformers' philosophy encapsulates the belief in harnessing synergies which enable proximity to our customers and being able to address any or all requests. We work together with our customers to understand and satisfy their unique requirements. If needed, our technology partner can be called upon to provide world-wide expertise. Advanced manufacturing practices perfected within our company are distributed throughout our operations to ensure the highest construction standards. At the same time, we draw on our own specialised knowledge of local markets and requirements to ensure that our technology is put to the best use in meeting specific customer needs.