High Risk Miniature Substation


This high risk miniature substation is identical to the standard miniature substation with the below-mentioned differences:

  • The MV and LV miniature substation doors are flush mounted.
  • The miniature substation enclosure is manufactured from 6mm Mild Steel.
  • All doors are re-enforced using additional steel strength members diagonally welded from corner to corner on the inside of the door.
  • All doors are fitted with heavy duty hinges.
  • A four point locking mechanism (top-centre, bottom-centre, left-centre and right centre) using bars operated and a heavy duty door handle is fitted.

PTT is one of only two suppliers approved by Eskom to supply this high risk unit.

In short the high risk Miniature Substation was designed to reduce vandalism and thus prevent access to live chambers which is advantageous to prevent tampering,

Each high risk miniature substation is designed and custom made and a full range of optional accessories are available to ensure that each and every individual customer’s requirements are met.

All our miniature substations carry the SABS mark.