Human Resources

The very best design and manufacturing facilities, a large bank of experience and a wealth of research work would mean little for our customers if we did not also have the people to apply this vast potential to meet their individual needs. That is why Powertech Transformers attributes significant importance to its Human Resources. The people who are close to the customer and able to understand and interpret their requirements; the leading engineers who translate this understanding into optimal designs; the experienced co-ordinators and engineers who transport and install the finished products - all these and many other Powertech Transformers people lie behind the success of every Powertech Transformers product and installation.

The importance we place on these individuals is reflected in our recruitment policies, training programmes and many other aspects of our Human Capital strategies. For example, the value of the individual Powertech Transformers employee's contribution is built into the design and manufacturing process itself. In the factory, every operation, down to the smallest detail is signed off on a quality assurance record card by the person doing that job. In this way all the people involved in the design and construction of our transformers for example, exercise responsibility for their own contributions.

At the end of a project, all of these cards are assembled into a single binder, which provides a detailed record of the unit's construction and is stored for future reference. It bears eloquent testimony to the care and effort that so many of our people have put into the project. Over the years, we have been successful in developing the ability to effectively manage the complex interfaces between people, processes and technology.

In January 2007, in order to address an ongoing shortage of qualified transformer winders, a training facility was built offering training and certification in various types of windings to our existing employees as well as newly recruited personnel. The period of training is usually twelve months in order to be deemed competent in all winding types manufactured by ourselves.

In 2008, in order to alleviate the shortage of qualified transformer electrical designers, a training facility was built offering final year engineering students from Technikons as well as BSc graduates from universities within South Africa practical training in electrical design of transformers. This training takes place over a period of a year, the recruits spend the first six months in various parts of the factory so that they are exposed to all aspects within the manufacture of power transformers, the final six months involves theoretical training.

Due to the national skills shortage in November 2009, a dedicated training facility offering training for boilermakers and welders was opened.

Further details of available posts can be obtained from our Human Capital Department on 012 318-9911.