Powertech Transformers (PTT) is owned by Power Technologies (Pty) Ltd (Powertech), one of the largest power-electrical groups in Southern Africa and our empowerment partner Power Matla. Powertech is a wholly owned subsidiary of Altron (Allied Electronics Corporation Limited) and is focused on delivering advanced technologies for the creation, management, distribution, storage and use of electricity across industries.
PTT supplies a full range of transformers, from generator step-up to transmission and distribution transformers. The range includes three-phase and single-phase units, auto-transformers, arc-furnace, locomotive and traction transformers, miniature sub-stations, NECRT’s as well as shunt reactors. PTT has also recently entered into the renewable power market which has resulted in orders being placed for several projects.
Every Powertech Transformers' unit is custom-made from standardised design elements and using standardised manufacturing operations. This flexible, but well co-ordinated approach ensures the highest quality of design and construction for all our transformers and makes the best possible use of the valuable knowledge and experience gained from our technology agreement with ABB and best practices developed in our factory.
Power and distribution transformers for the African continent are manufactured by Powertech Transformers in its factories in Pretoria and Cape Town. The power transformer factory in Pretoria West is a well-equipped factory and is amongst the biggest and most sophisticated transformer manufacturing plants within the Southern Hemisphere and one of two large manufacturers within sub-Saharan Africa. PTT Pretoria manufactures 20MVA to 800MVA transformers with primary voltages of up to 500kV.  Other products include arc-furnace, on-board locomotive and grid-connected traction transformers as well as shunt reactors up to 100MVAr.
Powertech Transformers is also one of South Africa's largest and most experienced manufacturers of distribution transformers. Designed, tried and tested under the harshest of African conditions, our distribution transformers and miniature substations have proven themselves for more than 60 years. Our experience ensures our products are manufactured to meet the needs of local conditions whilst meeting all major national and international standards. Our products are used in utilities, local authorities, mines, industrial plants and motor manufacturers.
Our distribution transformer range starts at 16kVA to 20MVA transformers with primary voltages of up to 132kV and 200kVA to 2500kVA miniature substations with primary voltages of up to 36kV. We also produce neutral eathing resistors (NER's), neutral earthing compensators (NEC's) and NECRT combinations.
Another product on offer is insulating materials for power and distribution transformers.  Powertech Insulation is a leading supplier of transformer board, moulded and machined parts, sets and kits and electrical insulation paper to Southern African markets all used for transformer applications. Powertech Insulation, previously known as Whiteleys South Africa and Powertech Calidus (Pty) Ltd, is in a long term partnership with Weidmann Electrical who is amongst the top suppliers of insulation to large transformer companies in North America and Europe. With the technical know-how from Weidmann; we have developed and introduced a range of insulation products for small, medium, large distribution and power transformer manufacturing companies.

Insulation components, made from cellulose based press boards/transformer boards meet the high requirements for the use in electrical apparatus. Our products are mainly used in distribution and power transformers up to 230 kV Class, of all sizes and sophistication and are certified to conform to the latest IEC standards. Our quality systems are certified under ISO 9001.