Quality Control


Quality control is reviewed very seriously within Powertech Transformers and all facets of the manufacturing process as well as other processes form part of a documented system which is audited according to legislation.

Both the Pretoria and Cape Town factories have documented quality control systems as well as having ISO 9001 certification.

The major benefit is that, by implementing and/or maintaining this, we can focus all our actions on what is important to be successful as an organisation and satisfying customer needs.

All our communication (verbal and written) and actions must reflect our focus on the above.

B Meyer
Chief Executive




SHEQ 178 F20 -001 SHEQ National Certificate QMS ISO 9001 2008 PTA West EXP Oct 2018.pdf508.7 KB
SHEQ 178 F20 -002 SHEQ EMS ISO 14001 2004 PTA West EXP 2018.pdf511.29 KB
SHEQ 178 F20 -003 SHEQ OHSAS OHSAS 18001 2007 PTA West EXP 2018.pdf527.32 KB
SABS ISO 14001 Exp 21 July 2018 PTT PTA West.pdf469.04 KB
SANS 780 2009 Exp Feb 2017 PTT Cape Town.pdf315.25 KB
ISO 9001 LS 235 Exp 28th July 2018 PTT Cape Town.pdf939.75 KB
OHSAS 18001 - 2007 Exp 8 Dec 2018 PTT Cape Town.pdf533.46 KB