Services and Training

Powertech Transformers is able to offer a range of services to customers.

These include testing of materials for transformers and calibration of instruments.

The laboratory at Pretoria West has been in existence since 1973. The main activities of the laboratory are testing of materials for transformers and calibration of instruments. The testing of transformer oil forms a large part of the testing activities, and this service is also offered to external companies. Calibration work is performed in-house.

The testing of transformer oil is part of a preventative maintenance plan, also known as condition monitoring. The oil inside a transformer forms an integral part of the insulation system, but is unfortunately subject to quick deterioration if the preventative maintenance schedule is not adhered to. Adverse load conditions also affect the oil. It is therefore common practice to have the oil tested annually. Certain tests also give an indication of the condition of the transformer itself and, if interpreted correctly, and acted upon, can prevent catastrophic failure of a transformer. The laboratory is well equipped to perform all the important tests related to condition monitoring, using some of the best equipment available on the market. The laboratory staff has more than 18 years experience in the analysis of transformer oil and the interpretation of results.

The laboratory has the facilities and expertise to calibrate most of the measuring equipment used in the various plants, including electrical, dimensional, temperature, pressure and mass measuring instruments. The electrical facility has been accredited by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS). Accreditation is aimed at technical competence and SANAS has mutual recognition agreements with most western European countries, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.

The Powertech Transformers Laboratory is one of the signatories to the EAL Multilateral Agreement for the mutual recognition of calibration certificates.



Powertech Transformers is offering a transformer design and manufacturing training course to our customers which covers various elements of power transformers over a five day period.  The course covers design processes, both electrical and mechanical; fabrication; insulation; paper-lapping; core-cutting; core stacking, winding manufacture; winding assembly; quality assurance and control; factory testing; active part assembly; oil processing and tanking; protection components, first line maintenance and transport and dispatch of the transformers.

The course will take the format of both practical and classroom training. 

Personnel trained include personnel from Eskom, eThekwini municipality, Sasol, Botswana Power Corporation (BPC), Nampower (Namibia), mining companies and others.

The course content will be covered over five full days at our Power Transformer factory in Pretoria West.  Competent Trainers will be covering the relevant topics in the course.

The course is accredited with the SAIEE – ref: SAIEE-1679-RV1 (our renewed certificate reference #) and 4 points can be claimed for CPD. 

Further details can be found on our brochure or alternatively email for further information. 


Engineering Solutions

Powertech Transformers offers a number of services to customers.  These are detailed in our Services brochure below.


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