Supplier Application Form

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The attached questionnaire will be used by:

  • Powertech Transfomers Technology and Quality Assurance Departments to evaluate the supplier’s capabilities to supply material and/or components that would comply with our Quality Standards and the Quality Standards required by our Customers.
  • Powertech Transformers Purchasing Department to evaluate the capabilities of suppliers with regards to continuous supply, logistics, etc; and in the case of BEE companies, to ensure that the supplier complies with BEE acts/standards/procedures set out by legislation of South Africa or any other legislation that incorporates this.

Please note that Powertech Transformers Quality Department will, after receipt of the completed questionnaire, conduct an on-site survey of the supplier’s facility.

Furthermore, the approval of Powertech Transformers Assessment team is necessary before a supplier could be listed as an “Accepted Supplier” and, it is in the supplier’s interest, to return this form as soon as possible to the Powertech Transformers Supply Chain Department.

Nothing set out in this document or any process contemplated herein should be construed as a guarantee that the supplier will be approved as an accepted supplier of Powertech Transformers. Powertech Transformers shall inform the supplier in writing of the result of the application in terms hereof.

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