Transformer Accessories


Powertech Insulation  offers a complete range of transformer products to name a few:

T4 High Density Transformer board insulation
  •        Cylinders
  •        Spacers
  •        Angle Rings
  •        Clack Strips
  •        Clack blocks
  •        Stripes
  •        Clacks
  •        Ribs
  •        End Support
Low Density Transformer board insulation
  •        Combie –Outer Collar , Inner Collar
  •        Din Board-Corrugated board , cylinder ,strips etc
Transformer Press Paper insulation
  •        Crepe Paper –Crepe Tubes and Crepe Tapes
  •        Diamond Dotted Paper
  •        Grade K – cut into size
  •        Grade 3 – cut into size
Threaded Rods
Cotton and Paper Laminates
Transformer Accessories
Tubes and Cylinders