Transformer Board


Powertech Insulation (PTI) is a leading supplier of transformer board, moulded and machined parts, sets and kits and electrical insulation paper to Southern African markets all used for transformer applications. PTI, previously known as Whiteleys South Africa and Powertech Calidus (Pty) Ltd, is in a long term partnership with Weidmann Electrical who is amongst the top suppliers of insulation to large transformer companies in North America and Europe. With the technical know-how from Weidmann; PTI has developed and introduced a range of insulation products for small, medium, large distribution and power transformer companies.

Our products are mainly used in distribution and power transformers up to 230 kV Class, of all sizes and sophistication and are certified to conform to the latest IEC standards. PTI’s quality system is certified under ISO 9001.

Quality Policy
PTI is committed to total customer satisfaction by becoming the globally preferred supplier of transformer insulation products. To this end, we shall continually improve the quality of our products, organizational processes and people to attain best-of-class levels internationally.”

Moulded Components:
These very special items are produced by forming pressboard to complex shapes and profiles, and represent the state-of-the-art in customized insulation products. PTI is one of a few companies in the world with this capability. Moulded insulation products offered includes angle rings, cap rings, edge and disc insulation angle and cap rings as well as special moulded components for industrial transformers. At the top end of this product line are our irregular shaped insulation products in the form of snouts moulded from wet pulp sheets.

Machined Components:
PTI also offers a full range of value added machined parts from pressboard and calendered board such as runners, wedges of trapezoidal, rectangular and other profiles, as well as edge rounded spacer strips of different sizes to customer specifications and milled spacers with exceptionally low thickness tolerances.

Crepe Paper Rolls, Pads & Tubes
PTI offers Crepe paper in both calendered and uncalendered varities. Crepe paper is available in roll form, tapes and tubes are also offered by us for use as coil cover and end turn insulation.

Cellulose Based Components
Insulation components, made from cellulose based press boards/transformer boards meet the high requirements for the use in electric apparatus. We offer a full range of solid insulation for power and distribution transformers.
We can also supply entire insulation kits for power & distribution transformers as per the specific drawings provided by the customer.

Field of Application
These components form barriers in the oil-cellulose insulation structure of power and distribution transformers. The possibility to shape the elements according to the specific electrical field offers the chance to build an ideal insulation which helps to reduce the size of the unit and therefore saves the amount of material required.

Insulation Kits
All products i.e. Fabricated Products, Moulded Products, Crepe Paper Products, are available in One Insulation Kit suitable for one type of Transformer as per Customers' specifications.

Customers can issue one single order for Kit for one transformer consisting of various drawings and quantities of the above fabricated products manufactured as per individual specifications and quantities required.

Kits can be made for all range of transformers i.e. from 100 KVA distribution transformers to 220 MVA EHV transformers.
The company specializes in manufacturing insulation kits so that the customer gets total insulation for a single unit in a kit form. This reduces assembly time, inventory, cost of procurement and also leads to better accountability.

Edge Rounded Calibrated Strips
Types : Made from Pre-compressed Pressboards
Width : Range 10 mm to 70 mm
Length : 3200 mm Maximum
Thickness: 1.5 mm to 12 mm
Special Tolerance (customized solutions possible on request)

Dovetail / Plain / T-Runners
Types : Made from Pre-compressed Pressboards
Width : Range 10 mm to 40 mm
Length : 3200 mm Maximum
Thickness: 1.5 mm to 12 m

Types : Made from Pre-compressed Pressboards
ID : Range 500 mm to 2000 mm
Height : 3100 mm Maximum
Thickness: 1.5 mm to 8 mm
All Cylinders are duly scarfed at both edges by 50 - 150 mm

Dovetail Spacers / Blocks-Punched / Milled
Types : Made from Pre-compressed Pressboards
Width : Range 10 mm to 70 mm
Length : 300 mm Maximum
Thickness: 1.5 mm to 8 mm
For Thickness 1.5 to 3 mm- Spacers/blocks are punched
For Thickness 4 to 8 mm - Spacers/blocks are milled

Laminated Blocks
Types : Made from Pre-compressed Pressboards
Width : Range 10 mm to 70 mm
Length : 600 mm Maximum
Thickness: 10 mm to 80 mm

Ring Washers
Types : Made from Pre-compressed Pressboards
ID : 2000 mm Maximum
OD : 2100 mm Maximum
Thickness: 1.5 mm to 60 mm

Edge / Helical Rings
Types : Made from Pre-compressed Pressboards
ID : 2000 mm Maximum
OD : 2500 mm Maximum
Thickness: 1.5 mm to 60 mm

Pressboard components are increasingly delivered in the form of pre-assembled winding kits. The kits are delivered to the winding machine complete with all necessary components for assembly of a winding. This cost-effective system saves our customer time and labour and solves the problem of limited floor space. More and more OEM‘s are taking advantage of this opportunity by switching from ordering individual components to pre-assembled kits.